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Factual’s API: A Good Fit for Node

Most people have heard the buzz surrounding Node. Words like “fast”, “scalable”, “concurrency” come to mind. At Factual, we pride ourselves on using (and finding) the right tool for the job. We use everything from jquery to hadoop, postgresql to mongodb and fortunately our engineering culture gives us the leeway to experiment a little.  However, any...

A Practical Guide to Varnish

Why Varnish Matters... What is Varnish? Varnish is an open source, high performance http accelerator that sits in front of a web stack and caches pages.  This caching layer is very configurable and can be used for both static and dynamic content. One great thing about Varnish is that it can improve the performance of your...

JS2: Factual's First Open Source Project

The software team at Factual relies heavily on the outstanding work of the open source software community, and we’re always looking for opportunities to return the favor by donating our engineering time and effort. JS2 is the first of hopefully many internal projects that we’re releasing as free, open source software. Our wish is that others...