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Open Source Clojure Library for Geospatial Information

At Factual, we process a lot of spatial data. We’re open-sourcing one of our internal libraries for working with geospatial information, especially geohashes. We want all Clojure programmers to be able to answer questions about coordinates, distances, and polygon intersections. We think this library will be particularly useful in concert with our rich suite of location...

Profiling Hadoop Jobs With Riemann

Factual processes nontrivial amounts of data. Our analyses may range over 1011 records, reading hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes of source data and intermediate representations. At this scale, performance optimizations can save us significant time and money. We use VisualVM, jhat, and Yourkit for memory and CPU profiling, and the excellent Criterium for microbenchmarks in...

Kyle Kingsbury (a.k.a. Aphyr) to Speak at Factual La: Messages in Network Are Less Safe Than They Appear

Distributed databases often exaggerate the strength of their safety properties. For the last year or so, I’ve been building tools to analyze database consistency, especially during network partitions. Since IP networks are nowhere near as reliable as we’d like to think, designing for node and network failure is a critical aspect of building reliable systems. In...