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Quality Matters: Ad Age and Factual Explore Marketers' Views on Location Data

As Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans once put it, “Mobile is eating the world.” And location is to mobile what visuals were to television: it’s the single most differentiating characteristic of mobile devices versus their predecessor, the desktop. For marketers, location provides valuable insight into consumers’ context as well as real-time data signals for hyper-relevant targeting....

Data Snap: Understanding CrossFitters Outside of the Box

On August 3rd, 640 extraordinarily fit men and women will converge on the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin in hopes of distinguishing themselves as among “the Fittest on Earth”. To achieve this distinction, they will compete in the 11th annual CrossFit Games. The Games are the cornerstone competitive event of CrossFit––the high-intensity, data-driven fitness regimen...

Three Recipes for Mobile Campaign Success

At Factual, we pride ourselves in being a neutral provider of quality location data, and rely on our best-in-class partners to spread the word. That’s why we were pleased to be included in The Trade Desk’s new Mobile Made Easy Recipe Book. Their recipe book provides step-by-step recipes for mobile campaign success. The idea inspired us...