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Closing out Clojure/West

Clojure is a growing programming language that has gained traction due to its powerful abstractions, well-composed feature set, integration with the JVM and the wealth of available Java libraries. A few weeks ago, two of our engineers had the pleasure of presenting their clojure specialities at Clojure/West, held in Portland. Below you will find the videos for their presentations. Enjoy!

Zach Tellman, Software Engineer

Queues, it seems, are back in fashion. This is exciting, as queues let us explore problem spaces that were unreachable by pure, immutable primitives. But queues, and the execution models that drive them, are very different than what we’re used to. Naive use of libraries like core.async will create brittle, unpredictable systems that fall over when we least expect.

This talk covers the basics of queueing theory, and its practical application in Clojure systems large and small.

Morgan Mullaney, Software Engineer

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, there is a rich history of lisp and other functional languages in game development. How can the choice of programming language inform game design and empower the artist? What properties of lisp, and Clojure in particular, make it suitable for building games?

This talk starts by considering the wisdom of our ancestors before diving into an exploration of the application of functional programming as engineering practice to the art of game design.

- Jaclyn Frattali, Marketing & Events Manager

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