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Changes to our Places Data - 2016 in Review

A new year means new changes to our Global Places data. Last year, we surpassed over 100MM local business listings and points of interests in 50 countries to power our superior mobile location products. To show how frequently businesses can open or close each quarter, we analyzed the changes to that data. Globally, we’ve added 35.43MM...

Changes in our Global Places Data – Q3 2016

As we start the last quarter of 2016, we take a look back at changes in our places data from this summer. The following report shows how many places were added or removed in Q3 from our Global Places data. Factual’s Global Places currently covers over 100MM local business listings and other points of interest in...

Changes in our Global Places Data – Q2 2016

At Factual, we keep our Global Places data set as up to date as possible to help ensure our partners have reliable places data. To give you an idea of how much can change, the following report analyzes a subset of Factual’s 50 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, and the...

A Year in Data - 2015 Review

2015 was a big year here at Factual, and of course we’re talking about the data. We’re obsessed with keeping our Global Places accurate and fresh, and believe it shows in the millions of data updates we made in 2015.

Changes in our Global Places Data – Q4 2015

When the world changes, Factual changes with it. That’s why we made millions of updates to our Global Places in Q4 of 2015. Since our last report, we’ve added 3.4 million new places, removed 1.4 million businesses no longer in operation, and updated at least one field1 in 3 million places for the 11 countries below....