Why work at Factual?

We live and breathe data -- some of us even think it is sexy. We believe the world would be a better place if more good data was made available, unencumbered and affordable. Better data equals faster innovation and better decisions.

The mission sounds simple, but we recognize the path to realizing it is a challenging yet rewarding one. What we set out to solve is difficult but critical to humanity -- and that is the fuel that drives us to come to work every day.

Company Culture

We know that a company is only as good as its people, which is why we’ve done our best to create a company culture that values excellence, promotes initiative and creativity, and makes coming to work--dare we say it--fun! (OK, perhaps not as fun as surfing, but very close.)

We want our Mondays to be indistinguishable from our Fridays. We don’t value fancy titles. We reward hard work and ingenuity over pedigree. We trust you to decide how you work best.

Most of all, we simply want you to like being here and being part of a family that will support your ambitions, your lifestyle and your choices. We will be there even on your bad days.

Benefits & Perks

No Policy Vacation

Leave the amount of vacation time you need up to you.

Fitness Perks

Weekly in-house yoga classes, local gym membership discounts.

Location! Location!

HQ in sunny LA, offices in Shanghai and San Francisco.

Health & Retirement

Full medical/vision/dental insurance, 401k package.

Eats & Treats

Fully stocked kitchen with lots of goodies and catered or off-site lunches every Friday.


With 2 ping-pong tables in our office, and plenty of willing players, you can always manage to squeeze in a game or two during the day.