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Data Engineer


Do you love data, technology, and problem solving? Join us at Factual, where we’re hard at work organizing and optimizing the world’s location information.

Our team is focused on cleaning, structuring, and delivering our dataset of over 80 million places, which is built on top of over 1.5 billion incoming sources. As a Data Engineer you’ll work on every piece of the data pipeline and have a wide range of responsibilities: everything from experimental data science to wild west data wrangling.

We're looking for fast-working, highly-focused individuals who pay strong attention to detail, show great leadership and organizational skills, and get things done. We’re currently focused on candidates with strong engineering experience who can hit the ground running.


  • Investigate and solve problems related to data quality and delivery
  • Provide direction for data acquisition and wrangling
  • Discover and analyze data on the web
  • Use and contribute to our data processing software
  • Author specification and manage technical projects
  • Propose out-of-the-box strategies based on data-driven insights

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a degree in a quantitative field with coursework in statistics (e.g. Math, Statistics, Linguistics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering)
  • Has 2+ years of work or research experience in a related field
  • Feels at home on the command line and with text processing
  • Is eager to learn new technologies and skills in data processing and analysis

Desired Skills (lack of experience in some areas is easily offset by expertise on others):

  • Data analysis, wrangling, and curation
  • Programming experience in languages like Ruby, Python, Java, and R
  • Project management experience
  • Deep familiarity with Unix commands
  • Experience in reporting, analytics and databases
  • Bonuses: machine learning, multilingualism, natural language processing, regular expressions, version control, and web crawl

Cover letters will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!