Until We Fix Location Data Inaccuracy, We Will Never Close the Mobile Spending Gap

The ability to leverage location data – not just to launch targeted advertising campaigns, but to learn about an audience, create rich customer profiles and shape future marketing decisions – is part of what makes mobile so powerful and unique.


Snapchat's Foursquare and Factual partnerships double geofilter usage

Borrowed location databases are paying off big time for Snapchat.

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MobFox to Offer Factual and adsquare Data Directly from Its SSP

For the first time, DSPs can now benefit from data sourced by location data provider Factual, making location data accessible to everyone, and mobile data exchange adsquare, without requiring a second integration to those companies.


Juice Mobile boosts partnership with Factual for mobile campaigns with guaranteed customer targeting

With Guaranteed Customer Targeting, ad clients can now reach their audiences in a more deterministic way, by leveraging real-world behavioural data via JUICE’s programmatic direct platform Nectar.

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Factual partners with Adform to boost access to location data for mobile advertisers

The deal is in line with the company's European expansion plans and follows news of its extension of European operations in early 2017.