Core Data for Products

Attributes include UPC, EAN-13, Product Name, Manufacturer, Brand, Size, Category, and Average Price.

Nutrition and Ingredients

Access nutrition information for more than 150,000 food and beverage products and ingredient lists for more than 300,000 packaged goods.

UPC Lookup & Powerful Search

Easily lookup complete product information using only a UPC or full-text search, with advanced filtering and faceting, and popularity rank for sorting.

Products Request Download

Types of Products:
Top Brands
# of Products

Products Crosswalk

A mapping of products across 35+ different services including Amazon, Walmart, and Nextag. The easiest way to integrate different affiliate programs for CPG products.

Get Started

API Access to Global Products Data is free up to 500 calls per day. Pricing for both download and additional calls varies primarily on use case and quantity of data used.