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Accurate and up to date

  • We are continually updating the data to help ensure all of the records are current, capturing new businesses and retiring closed ones.
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  • We believe that data should be transparent — it’s paramount that it’s easy for developers to explore and assess the data.
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  • Factual captures vast quantities of information about places and distills these billions of inputs down to individual records for each place.

Place Rank

Place Rank describes the significance of each place for search and discovery. Place Rank makes it easy to rank geo search results, inform place visibility at different mapping zoom levels, or return places ordered by popularity for user check ins style apps.


11,421,587 global restaurants, including 2,752,744 listings with up to 42 extended attributes in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia.



2,258,857 global hotels, including 175,834 listings with up to 37 extended attributes in the United States.


Healthcare Providers

9,734,554 global healthcare providers, including 1,363,916 listings with up to 8 extended attributes in the United States.


Places Crosswalk

Map Factual Place IDs to analogous IDs and URLs across 50+ different namespaces-- making it effortless to incorporate appropriate Yelp reviews, Facebook pages, and others into your own apps. Start with the place ID or URL in any of the services covered by Places Crosswalk and immediately find the corresponding ID or URL for any other service.

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Normalize your existing data, remove duplicates, populate missing attributes, and map to Factual records with the same technology we use on our own data. Resolve is designed expressly for place data and significantly outperforms unspecialized data cleaning software.

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