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Factual Founder, Gil Elbaz, Talks About Failure and Neutral Data

Factual Founder, Gil Elbaz discusses key takeaways from his experiences including his mistakes, role models, and challenges.


Location Inaccuracy Is A Bigger Problem Than Fraud

There are myriad reasons why location data can be defective – and fraud is just one small piece of that growing problem. The lack of industry standards around the collection and use of location data leads to a fair amount of misunderstanding, unintentional discrepancies and widespread inaccuracy.


Sun Is Shining Bright on L.A. Tech Town Silicon Beach

Many cities have tried to build themselves into major technology hubs where entrepreneurs build startups that reach the big time. Northern California's Silicon Valley remains the leader, but other areas aspire for second place as a tech center.


6 Strategies for Forging Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are an important way for startups to gain competitive advantage, and they’re especially prevalent within the tight-knit hyperlocal community. Factual's Vikas Gupta lends some advice on forming successful partnerships.


6 LA Offices WeÆd Love to Work At

The weekend appeal of living and working in Los Angeles is obvious. When workdays are spent in equally jaw-dropping offices, it’s no wonder LA’s startup scene is taking off.