Geopulse Proximity

Accurate, easy to use geofencing, designed to perform at RTB scale.

Accurate Global Targeting

Enable your geofenced ads to actually reach the places you intend them to by using Factual’s Global Places dataset. Global Places is the best places data available for ad targeting.

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User location data is validated by Factual’s Location Validation Stack to help ensure only precise and accurate location data is used for targeting

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Point Radius and Polygon Targeting

Geopulse Proximity allows you to target sets of places in Factual’s Global Places data by selecting attributes such as geography, category, and brand. For highly precise targeting, Factual also provides polygons for places such as airports, shopping malls, retail brands, and others.

Quick and Easy Design

Use Factual’s visual, web-based tool to easily design and deploy campaigns. Select where to target by name, geography, category, or merchant chain. Immediately receive a count of places that meet your criteria and view a visualization of your geofences on a dynamic map.

By the Numbers

<1 ms
Average Response Times
20k QPS
On a standard 4 core server
Geofences per campaign

Simple Integration

For our ad tech partners, we offer a simple, one-time back end integration. Once we’re integrated, all users have to do is sign up for an account, and they can get started right away building geofences and running campaigns.

“BMW needed to drive more potential consumers to dealerships to push greater sales. Partnering with Factual, Cadreon, and Adelphic, they ran a year long, nation-wide mobile campaign that drove 26.5% lift in foot traffic to BMW dealerships.”

Geopulse Audience, Geopulse Proximity
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“Factual is a global data source that can help clients make minute-by-minute, geo-specific decisions so they can deliver the right content at the right time… and in the right place.”
— Nick Nyhan, CEO of The Data Alliance

Geopulse Audience, Geopulse Proximity