Drive revenue by turning location data into mobile audiences and geofences.

Win more business and increase CPMs by offering advertisers the best location based ad targeting.

Activate Your Data

Activate your first party location data through highly customizable and accurate ad targeting solutions.

  • Transform user location data into customizable mobile audiences based on real world behavior.
  • Target users in real-time with powerful geofencing capabilities.

Direct or Programmatic

  • Factual targeting solutions apply across all channels including: direct sales, private marketplaces, and open exchanges.
  • Increase the value of your own inventory or extend your reach on third party inventory.
  • Factual solutions integrate seamlessly into your ad stack. Factual's existing integration with DoubleClick minimizes integration requirements for DFP publishers.


Arm Your Sales Team

  • Respond to RFPs that you once could not with new access to location based ad targeting.
  • Drive higher CPMs by offering the most informed mobile ad targeting in the market.
  • Arm your team with easy to use, web based tools for designing your campaigns.
  • Provide highly customizable targeting for each campaign with the ability to create custom location based audiences and the most flexible geofencing available.

Enrich Programmatic Inventory with Real World Data

  • Create audience based private marketplaces with higher bid floors.
  • Increase value of your inventory on open exchanges.
  • Extend the your reach by retargeting your audience on 3rd party inventory.

Work with a True Partner

Factual doesn’t sell media so we’re never competing with you for the IO. We are a data company and our focus is always on having the best location data to provide you with superior ad targeting.

Offer your advertisers highly customizable location based audiences and geofencing capabilities across all channels, including: direct, private marketplaces, and open exchanges.

Real world place visits indicate a user is a mom

Location based audiences

The way people behave in the real world can be the most powerful signal for understanding who they are and what they want. Factual analyzes user location data so you can target users based on their real world behavior.

Factual offers advanced custom targeting capabilities

Custom Segments

Create custom segments across a comprehensive set of observed real world behaviors:
  • Place based behavior including visitation to specific places, merchants, and chains.
  • Event attendance including concerts, sports, arts and more.
  • Activity detection including driving and walking.
  • User-specific places such as home and work.
  • Digital activity including apps used and device characteristics.

Example Segments

Here are some example segments that show the flexibility of Factual’s location based audiences:
  • Weekday Morning Commuters: Users observed driving in morning hours at least 3 weekdays.
  • Summer Music Festival Attendees: Users observed on festival grounds during summer music festivals.
  • Frequent Store Loyalists: Users observed visiting a store frequently over the last six months.

White Glove Support

Factual’s Location Strategy team helps with planning, targeting recommendations, and custom segment creation at no additional cost.


Reach the right users based on where they are in real time with endlessly customizable geofencing — built with the best location data. Easily design campaigns by selecting from millions of places in Factual’s Global Places dataset, using attributes such as geography, category, brand, and targeting radius. Factual also provides polygon targeting around locations such as airports, shopping malls, retail brands, and more.

Designing geofenced ad campaigns is easy with Factual's web interface.

Popular geofencing tactics include:

Place Targeting

Reach users at specific locations, chains, or stores where you want to stay top of mind.

Funnel messaging

Tailor your messaging depending on how far users are from your stores.


Find users while they’re visiting your competitors’ stores.

Category targeting

Reach users at specific categories of places, like all coffee shops, parks, or airports.

Polygon targeting

Reach users in precisely specified areas, such as parking lot vs. building, using polygon geofences.

The Best Data

  • Location targeting is only as good as the quality of the data. Factual gives you access to the highest quality location data available.
  • We map user locations to the best places data, Factual Global Places.
  • User location data is validated by Factual’s Location Validation Stack to help ensure only precise and accurate location data is used for targeting.
  • Factual analyzes users based on the specific places they visit instead of aggregating users by geographic areas such as tiles, frames, or zip codes.

Great for Sales and Media Planning

  • Arm your team with easy to use, web based tools for designing your campaigns.
  • Get real time estimates for device and impression reach.

Protect your Data

  • Factual helps you increase the value of your first party data.
  • Data remains completely under your control and only goes where you want it to go.

Private and Secure

Global Standard for Mobile Location Targeting

Factual is trusted by brands and agencies. We’re integrated with the following major trading desks, DSPs, and Networks.


Adobe Advertising Cloud
The Trade Desk




Index Exchange
One by AOL Mobile Marketplace

Ad Servers

DoubleClick Campaign Manager


The Weather Channel

Data Platforms


Trading Desks

Core Audience
Horizon Media

Agency Partners

Amp Agency
Campus Media
Dedicated Media
Goodway Group
Headway Digital
Hill Holiday
Liquidus Marketing
Media Italia
Omnicom Media Group
Point It
Zimmerman Advertising

Factual makes integration easy — customers have been up and running in as little as 48 hours.

Flexible Audience Integration

First Party Integration

Send and manage data directly with Factual.

  • Multiple data delivery options — APIs, bulk file transfer, and on-device.
  • No SDK required.
  • Direct integration enables data collection beyond the ad request, resulting in richer audiences.
Third Party Integration

Get audiences with minimal integration effort via existing ad server and SSP integrations.

  • Assess your audience immediately on the most popular exchanges, pre-indexed by Factual.
  • Ad Server and SSP partners include Doubleclick and MoPub.
First Party Integration

Run Audiences on your own infrastructure using intuitive web tools.

  • Factual provides a Java Based HTTP server or Java client for you to run on your own infrastructure.
  • Seamless deployment of custom audiences from web tools to your server.
  • No external calls at runtime.
  • Billions of queries per day at sub millisecond response times.
  • AMIs available for easy setup and testing.
  • Same back end software for geofencing and location based audience solutions.
Third Party Integration

Seamless deployment of audiences via existing ad server and SSP integrations.

  • Design audiences using intuitive web tools.
  • Factual deploys to your ad server for use in direct or programmatic.

On-prem Geofencing

  • Factual provides a Java-based HTTP server or Java client for you to run on your own infrastructure.
  • No external calls at runtime.
  • Supports billions of queries per day at sub millisecond response times.
  • AMIs available for easy setup and testing.
  • Same back end software for geofencing and location based audience solutions.

Self Service Targeting

  • Audience and geofence targeting available via self service web tools.
  • Reach estimates provided in the tools and via API.
  • Seamless deployment of geofences or audiences from web tools to your infrastructure.

“At a fundamental level, our entire product is data and entirely tied to location. Partnering with Factual gives us a best-in-class data partner to complement and amplify the value we deliver, driving revenue and improving the quality of the core mobile product and the user experience.”
— Ed Kozek, SVP Product and Engineering

Geopulse Audience, Geopulse Proximity

“Mobile adoption by advertisers has long been challenged by a lack of reliable demographic and behavioral information that can be used to identify the right audience... Geopulse Audience is an innovative solution and we’re confident that this will deliver a tremendous amount of value to our publishers and our advertisers.”
— Jim Payne, Founder

Geopulse Audience